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About Outdoors Africa

Outdoors Africa is a Management & Training Consulting firm with a proven record and established reputation that specializes in performance management and provision of experiential leadership and team development programs with more than 12 years’ experience.

Strongly founded on a change agenda, we integrate value and sustainable organizational transformation through direct, relevant, concrete experiences that we use in our programs to serve as metaphors for the unique challenges of every workplace.

Our turnkey solutions have seen us rework our delivery to a culture change approach that is wholesomely geared towards aligning strategy, processes and people.

Our mission

To provide quality and effective training and consultancy  services to organizations in any industry thus enabling them to attain their objective.

We seek to achieve this Mission by:

  • Carrying out intensive research on current training courses and training methods in the relevant fields.
  • Employing trained and experienced facilitators to impart the knowledge.
  • Hiring qualified specialists in the various fields to meet clients’ needs effectively.
  • Conducting training follow-up to ensure needs have been met sufficiently.

Core Values

  • Consultancy to our clients’
  • Conducting all our assignments professionally.
  • To be guided by openness, respect and honesty.
  • Developing and upholding team work in all operations.
  • Installing a culture of self-motivation, initiative truthful communication.


Value Proposition

Our innovative ideas will deliver the following benefits:

• Practical:
We provide achievable, pragmatic answers to your interests.
• Lasting Impression:
Participants will remember their learning experience far beyond the training session.
• Change:
We inspire enthusiasm & energy by raising true champions for change
Making the small success stories of Africa into Big stories

Our Approach

Our key deliverable is in cut-out solutions to meet the specific needs of all our clients by delivering forward thinking & innovative solutions to facilitate individual & organisational change through:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Delivery

• Reporting & Follow Up Tailor made just for you

Our Methodology

Experiential learning: “What you do, You know” Works on the principle that the more responsibility participants take for their own development, the more
powerful the learning experience.

In contrast to trainer-led programs, it is a learning style that involves the facilitator stepping back from an explicitly directorial role.

Allows participants to identify and develop their own learning goals, with the facilitator working with delegates as a closely supportive, organizational, yet largely hands-off resource.

Learners interact with and learn from, each other. In the process they identify problems and formulate their own responses as to the best ways of moving forward.
There is always a gap a necessary and important gap between knowing how to do something in deed, and describing how to do it.

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